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【Special function】




     Generate hydroxide anion





  Small volume, doesn’t occupy the space





 Patent 3D conical weaving

 High breathable

 High effect filter air pollute

 Block harmful matter and bacterial

 100% made in Taiwan




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Hydroxide Anion function : 


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Hydroxide anion contact Bacteria and virus


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Hydroxide anion destroy cell membrane of bacteria


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Break the metabolism of bacteria


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Bacteria died






Any peculiar smell in your refrigerator?


Coffee dregs    Tea dregs    



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Super convenient - put in the refrigerator directly, easy to use
Wash it biweekly, simple cleaning
Ultra-thin - sheet design, doesn’t occupy the space
Ultra life span- regular cleaning, life of up to three years






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How to place the order?





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Select the required size, then you could place the order on the website.


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Call or email us to order the prodcuts.





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20 x 10 cm


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Any space with peculiar smell


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Over 3 years


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Made in Taiwan