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【Special function】


     Summer cool, Winter warm



     Release pressure





  Enhance the far infrared ray





【Far infrared effect?】


     Increase blood oxygen content, strengthen cell activity

     Reduce physical pain



  Promote blood circulation

  Balance the PH of body







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Improve sleep quality

3D conical weaving can absorb the shock and resist the weight, not easy to be flat. It could Increase the supporting force to release the body pressure. Test report verified that the sterilization rate could be reach to 99%




 Patent 3D conical weaving

 High breathable

 Remove harmful matter and bacteria


 100% made in Taiwan


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How to place the order?





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Select the required size, then you could place the order on the website.


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After checking the specification of product and measuring the desired size of length and width, then you can call or email us directly, we can help you to make the customized item.







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Single bed (3.5 x 6.2 ft)

Double bed (5 x 6.2 ft)

King size (6 x 7 ft)


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Over 5 years


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Made in Taiwan