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【Special function】


     High breathability


     Purifying air without electronic

     Light diffusing Far infrared Hydroxide anion




  Anti-bacteria Anti-mite Anti-fungal


  Washable Reusable Durable

  Anti-strong wind





【What is light diffusing ?】


Light diffusing can increase Irradiated area and the sun light can go throw the whole plant, make your plant growing healthier.





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What is far infrared?


Far infrared is the most important light for plant, Eco-friendly Greenhouse screen can increase the far infrared and help the plant growing.

 Increase photosynthesis rate

 Raise up germination rate

 Speed up aging rate

 Activation of cell


What is Hydroxide anion?


For plant  

  Absorb manure more easier

 Heavy metals solidification

 Lower the temperature


For environment 

 Remove harmful substance in the air

 Purify the air





 Additional Products :


 Cooling water wall

 Erosion control geomat

 Cooling roof




 Patented 3D conical weaving

 High breathability

 High effect filter air pollute

 Blocking harmful matter and bacterial

 100% made in Taiwan



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Applicable field: Green house, Small orchard

Material: PP

Color: Gray


35 mesh (900 mesh)

45 mesh (1200 mesh)

55 mesh (1500 mesh /2000 mesh)


Anti-pest which bigger than 0.25 μm

Anti-pest which bigger than 0.4 μm

Anti-pest which bigger than 0.6 μm