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【Special function】


  To extend the freshness

  High breathable

  Prevent the adsorption of peculiar smell on vegetable or in refrigerator

  Generate Hydroxide anion






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What is hydroxide anion?


  It can coat harmful matter in the air and destroy its activity, so the vegetable could be postponed to decay

 Remove peculiar smell in the refrigerator

 Balance humidity and lock the moisture to keep the fruit is in fresh


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 Patent 3D conical weaving

 High breathable

 Block harmful matter and bacteria

 100% made in Taiwan



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In the pictures, the apple on the left didn’t put in the Eco-friendly Preservation Bag, and the apple on the right kept fresh in the bag. We put them at room temperature without opening air-conditioning, and only took out the apple for taking photos . The experiment started at December 16th, 2014 and ended at January 24th, 2015. In these pictures, we could see the huge different between these two samples with Eco-friendly Preservation Bag or not.





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How to place the order?




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Select the required size,then you could place the order on the website.


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After checking the specification of product and measuring the desired size of length and width, then you can call or email us directly, we can help you to make the customized item.






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25 x 30 cm

30 x 35 cm

35 x 40 cm

40 x 45 cm

45 x 50 cm

50 x 55 cm



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PP 1500/2000 mesh



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Vegetable preservation could put in refrige


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Over 3 years


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Made in taiwan