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【Special function】

● Deodorization, smoke removed

● Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal

● Filter allergen ,Ex: mites, tick, insect corpse and feces, pollen

● Remove harmful organic matter ex. Detergents, paints, cosmetics




PP Material : Durable & Un-deformed








Are you still breathing dirty air from air purifier?


Eco-friendly Air Purifier filter uses 3D honeycomb design; it can disinfect to 99%. Formaldehyde is generated by building material and paints, Even the smell is dispersed, but it doesn’t mean that has no dangerous. Eco-friendly Air Purifier filter can remove harmful formaldehyde to make your room more clean and safe.  Our filter can generate the water molecule and anion that can help you to lock the moisture and form a protection on your face. PP material is not easily broken.



A brand leader of fiber 

3D conical weaving

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Eco-friendly Air Purifiers Filter:

originallife web content 10  Remove RSP
originallife web content 10   High Anti-bacterial
originallife web content 10   Remove harmful matter




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Patent 3D conical weaving, high air permeability high filtering dirty air and blocking harmful matter.






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(1) What is PM2.5?

Similar to the dust, is floating in the air and called Respirable Suspended Particulate (RSP) or Particulate Matter (PM). Floating fine particles can penetrate the alveolus, and directly into the blood vessels with the blood circulation, so the impact on the human and ecological cannot be ignored.           

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 (2) What is Formaldehyde and TVOCs?

What is Formaldehyde and TVOCs? Those harmful matters are come from smoking, cooking, building material and furniture indoors. Although you can’t smell it, doesn’t mean that has no dangerous. TVOCs is come from fuel combustion, when you come back from outside it will adsorption on your clothes and put your family healthy in dangerous.



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Measure the size of filter frame

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Cut the filter to appropriate size

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Put the filter into the air purifier

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How to place the order?




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Select the required size, then you could place the order on the website.

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After checking the specification of product and measuring the desired size of length and width, then you can call or email us directly, we can help you to make the customized item.





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6 layers


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Any brand of air purifier filter


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Over 3 years


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 Made in Taiwan


We could make the customized size of products,
welcome to contact us if you are interested in our products or any question that you have,
please feel free to contact us. (Note: the largest width is 3.6 meters, the length is no limit)