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【Special function】

● Anti-bacteria, Anti-fungal

● Generate far infrared ray, hydroxide anion

● Anti-static, Anti-electromagnetic

● Remove harmful matter in the air

(Floating fine particles、Formaldehyde、HCHO、TVOCs、O3、NH3、acetaldehyde、acetic acid)

● Deodorization, remove pollutant and purify the air automatically



Washable & Reusable

PP Material : Durable & Un-deformed





Have high air quality indoor?


Eco-friendly ceiling filter use 3D honeycomb design, upgrades disinfect and well breathable. Staying in room and opening the air-conditioning make your skin dry?  Our filter can generate the water molecule and anion that can help you to lock the moisture and form a protection on your face.  Formaldehyde is generated by building material and paints, Even the smell is dispersed, but it doesn’t mean that has no dangerous.  Eco-friendly ceiling Filter can remove harmful formaldehyde to make your room more clean and safe. 



A brand leader of fiber
3D conical weaving

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Eco-friendly Ceiling Screen:

originallife web content 10  Remove RSP
originallife web content 10   High Anti-bacterial
originallife web content 10   Remove harmful matterd





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Patent 3D conical weaving, high air permeability high filtering dirty air and blocking harmful matter.







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(1) What is PM2.5?

Similar to the dust, is floating in the air and called Respirable Suspended Particulate (RSP) or Particulate Matter (PM). Floating fine particles can penetrate the alveolus, and directly into the blood vessels with the blood circulation, so the impact on the human and ecological cannot be ignored.          

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 (2) What is Formaldehyde and TVOCs?

What is Formaldehyde and TVOCs? Those harmful matters are come from smoking, cooking, building material and furniture indoors. Although you can’t smell it, doesn’t mean that has no dangerous. TVOCs is come from fuel combustion, when you come back from outside it will adsorption on your clothes and put your family healthy in dangerous.


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How to place the order?


Please check the specification of product and
measuring the required size of length and width first,
then you can call or email us to place the order. 


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59.5 x 59.5 cm

29.5 x 59.5 cm

29.5 x 29.5 cm


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PP (fireproof)


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Indoor ceiling

Light-gauge steel

Frame ceiling


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Over 3 years


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Made in Taiwan