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     Soil and water conservation

     Vegetation growth and greening

     Erosion control



  Vegetation of soil slopes

  Vegetation of mellow soil slopes

  Vegetation of steep slopes

  Channel revetment


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 Special weave design

 High tensile strength


 100% Made in Taiwan




 3D conical weaving , high ventage, high-water permeability

 Ten layers innovative design, enhance the breathability and water retentivity

 High tensile strength, provides erosion control on mellow soil slopes

 Provides the way to capture soil, sediment and water for rapid vegetation growth

 Provides coverage increased and rain splashed, prevent the mass of rain scour slope directly



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Steep soil slopes

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Rock slope

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Poor soil areas

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Debris flow Hillsides

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【 Apply to a variety of landforms 】






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How to place the order?  english allicon 03

After checking the specification of product and measuring the required size of length and width, then you can call or email us directly, we can help you to make the customized item.



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PE  (UV resistant)

PP  (Green product)

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The largest width is 3 meters,

the length is no limit

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Made in Taiwan